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District Nursing Services, Information & Resources
Note to Marlborough families about the Zika virus (2/16/16)
The district is continuing to monitor reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations regarding precautions and recommendations about the virus. According to the CDC, this remains a rapidly evolving situation, and new guidance will continue to come out as more is learned about specific risks linked to Zika virus infection. Resources, guidelines and updated information can be found at www.mass.gov/dph by clicking on the link for Zika. The district will update families of any effects precautions and travel guidelines could have on school-sponsored student trips should the situation change.
Parents/Guardians of MPS students: Please update contact information to be accurate at all times in the event of an emergency at school!
PARENTS: Please read the attached letter regarding the Enterovirus D-68, the district's vigilance in watching for trends in illness patterns, and what students, parents and staff can do to help prevent spreading of the virus should it occur in our community.

School Health Services
School health services is the link between the complex systems of education and health. In partnership with parents and staff, school nurses identify and assist in removing health-related barriers to learning and academic success.The ability of a child to learn is directly related to their health. We are here to provide whatever nursing assistance is necessary that would allow for a child to adequately access the curriculum. Please feel free to call your child’s school nurse with any concerns especially if their health status has changed, they have been diagnosed with a serious/contagious illness or injury or will be absent for an extended period of time (three or more days).

Contact Information
Early Childhood Center
Mary Zakrzewski, RN BSN, MEd NCSN
District Health Services Coordinator
Tel:  (508) 460-3503 x11555
Fax:  (508) 460-3563
Jamy Gaynor,MS, BSN, RN, FCCS
Tel: (508) 460-3503 X11556

Jaworek Elementary School
Tracy Rowe, RN MEd NCSN
Pamela Palmer, RN BSN
Tel:  (508) 460-3619
Fax:  (508) 460-3709

Kane Elementary School
Lisa Leighton, RN BSN
Tel:  (508) 460-3507 x4
Fax:  (508) 460-3588

Richer School
Sue Volpe, RN BSN
Tel:  (508) 460-3504 x3
Fax:  (508) 460-3586

1Lt. Charles W. Whitcomb School
5th and 6th grade
Linda McInnis, RN BSN NCSN
Tel:  (508) 460-3502-1-8+3765#

Fax:  (508) 469-3547

7th and 8th grade
Karen D’Alessandro, RN BSN MEd NCSN
Tel:  (508) 460-3530
Fax:  (508) 460-3597

Marlborough High School
Tel: (508) 460-3500
Fax:  (508) 460-3536
Pat Cutone, RN, x 7204
Barbara Millett, RN BSN MEd NCSN, x 7253

Hildreth School
Janet Lamy, MS, RN, PPCNP-BC
Tel:  (508) 460-3505 x 5204
Fax:  (508) 460-3746

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If a child becomes ill at school, a parent/guardian must pick them up. There must be current emergency numbers for parents and contact information for those who can be responsible for a child if a parent cannot be reached or is unable to pick the child up. Please update the school whenever your contact information changes.

Required State Mandates
The following health screenings and immunizations are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for all students attending school:

Immunization Requirements
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  • Hep B - 3 doses
  • DTaP/DTP - 4 doses
  • Polio - 3 doses
  • Hib - 3 or more doses
  • MMR - 1 dose
  • Varicella - 1 dose
Entering 7th Grade:
  • Tdap Booster - 1 dose
  • Varicella - 2 doses
Entering Kindergarten or newly enrolled students at any grade:
  • DTaP/DTP - 5 doses (unless 4th dose was after 4th birthday; then only 4 doses required.)
  • Polio - 4 doses (unless 3rd dose was after 4th birthday, then only 3 doses required.)
  • Hep B - 3 doses
  • MMR - 2 doses
  • Varicella - 2 doses

Physical Examinations / Screenings

Health Screenings by School Nurses:
  • Vision & Hearing: Grades PK-12
  • Height/Weight/BMI: Grades 1, 4, 7 & 10
  • Postural Screening: Grades 5-9
Physical Examination (PE) by Health Practitioner:
The following students must have a current (PE) within one year on file:
  • Students entering grades PK, K, 4, 7 & 10
  • New students to MPS (any grade)
  • All students participating in sports.

Medication Policy
In conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Board of Registration of Nursing and in collaborating with our school physician, the MPS Medication Policy is highlighted as follows:

  • All medications required to be given during school hours, including inhalers and epi-pens and ANY over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops etc., require a written order from a physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or dentist. This order can be faxed to the nurse’s office.For short-term (10 days) medications like antibiotics, the pharmacy label may be used in lieu of an order.
  • Parents must sign a Medication Administration and Permission Form. This form gives the school nurse or school personnel designate permission to give the prescribed medication.  This includes medication required during field trips.
  • All medication must be delivered to the school nurse by a parent or an adult designated by a parent. All medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container. Students are not permitted to transport medications to and from school.
  • The exceptions to the above are those students who must carry critical medications such as insulin, inhalers or epi-pens and who have the written permission of physician, parent and school nurse to transport medication.
Strict compliance with this policy will be followed by the school nurse.

Illness/Contagious Disease Policy
Students should not come to school if they are ill. They should be fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

  • They should not come to school if they have had vomiting or diarrhea within the last 12 hours or if they are unable to eat and drink normally.
  • Students should not return to school until 24 hours after the start of treatment/medication for conditions such as streptococcal infections (strep throat), impetigo, conjunctivitis (pink eye), ringworm and scabies.
  • Rashes of unknown cause especially on the face and/or accompanied by fever should be checked by doctor before returning to school.
  • Pediculosis (head lice) – Child may return to school after treatment and after nits have been removed. (See lice elimination checklist.) Student must be checked by the school nurse before re-entry to school.
A doctor’s note is needed upon return to school for the following: The note should state any limitations and accommodations necessary for class, gym and recess attendance.
Care Plans/Other Resources
The following are links to the district's various care plans, questionnaires, program information and checklists. For additional resources, please feel free to contact your student's school nurse.
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